Getting In

By ‘Getting In’, we mean turning on the essential things you need to have to use the place, not how to get there. As far as getting there goes, the one piece of advice you need to remember is “Look to the east.” And, that’s not some mystical bullshit, it’s just practical advice about the fact that your navigation crap is going to try to bring you in from the west end, which is all gated and locked, so you won’t be able to get to the cabin from there. So, go to the east end of the road. We’ll trust that you have enough sense to figure that out. Anyway, here’s what you need to do:

1) Open the door. This is the key box next to the door. You have to ask for the combo if you don’t know it, but once you get it, you can open that there door, and also the door to the basement. The key to the little cabin is hung up in the kitchen.
2. Find the water. You’re probably going to want some water, so go down to the basement (door is facing the lake), and inside you’ll see this beauty.
3. Turn the pump on. Up above the blue tank is this pair of gizmos. The one on the left is the switch that turns on the pump. If it’s in the down position, push it up to turn it on. After a few seconds, if the pressure is low, you’ll here some gurgling noises. That’s the pump, trying to make you happy. Are you happy?
4. Open the main valve. After you get the pump turned on, look down at the bottom of the tank, and make sure this yellow valve is open, like you see here. If it’s pointing up, you won’t get any water, and you will be sad because of that.
5. Turn on the water heater. Once you have water working, you can turn on the hot water. In the big cabin, go to the master bedroom, which is over to the east side of the dining room. It’s the special bedroom that has it’s own itty bitty bathroom in the corner. Next to the bathroom door is this electric panel. It should look more or less like this when you open it up. On the right side, the double breaker labelled ‘W/H’ (more or less) is the one you turn on, by pushing it to the left. It’s off in this picture, as you can probably tell.
6. Turn on the little cabin hot water. Finally, if you are going to use the hot water in the little cabin, you need to turn that on, also. In the little cabin, to the left of the front door, is this electric panel (though hopefully, it will be less blurry). The two breakers at the bottom, with the white tape on them, have to be on for hot water to work in the little cabin, but before you turn them on, it’s probably a good idea to walk into the little kitchen and make sure that water comes out of the tap, just in case it’s turned off down in the basement of the main cabin.

That’s about it. If you have any trouble, give us a call. We might actually be able to help out.